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Winter 2014

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These grants and gifts cover everything from aircraft safety to social services 

Mechanical and aerospace engi­neering Assistant Professors Luca Maddalena and Luca Massa were awarded a three-year, $640,000 NASA National Research Award to study novel injector designs to support com­bustion at hyper­sonic speeds.

Through a grant from the American Library Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities, the UT Arling­ton Library was awarded a collec­tion of materi­als to educate readers about Muslim cultures in America and around the world.

Physics profes­sor Zdzislaw E. Musielak was awarded a three-year, $301,339 National Science Foundation grant to investigate Alfvén waves in the sun, a phe­nomenon vital to understanding Earth’s nearest star.

Aerospace engineering Associate Profes­sor Andrew Makeev received a $559,427 grant from the Office of Naval Research to study ways to improve how composite aircraft structures are designed and manufactured.

Michael Vasilyev, associate profes­sor of electrical engineering, is participating in an $8 mil­lion research project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency to study advanced quantum communications.

Yue Deng, an assistant physics professor, was awarded more than $400,000 in NASA funding to develop a 3-D look at how electrodynamic energy from solar winds enters and moves throughout the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

The Simmons Family Founda­tion gave $1 million to the School of Social Work’s Innovative Community Aca­demic Partner­ship program to initiate, support, and fund research ideas to help social service agencies develop better evidence-informed practices.

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