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Winter 2014

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Winning Landscapes

Landscape architecture students’ design for dealing with stormwater runoff recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency 

Kent Elliott and Blake Samper

Kent Elliott and Blake Samper's design took home honorable mention.

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain, but the rain on campus stays mainly where landscape architects send it.

Planning for stormwater run­off is an important consideration for any architect, especially when building in public areas that com­bine living and work spaces with a high volume of people. Recently a team of landscape architecture students proved they were up to the task when they won honor­able mention in the U.S. Envi­ronmental Protection Agency’s Campus RainWorks Challenge.

As part of their design studio project, landscape architecture graduate students Kent Elliott and Blake Samper competed against 218 other student teams from 42 states; the competition challenged them to create innova­tive green infrastructure designs that would promote sustainable community impact.

Elliott and Samper proposed a design that would replace imper­vious pavement with permeable paving and an aqueduct while adding increased tree canopy and vegetation, rain gardens, green roofs, a rain barrel-staircase, veg­etated swales, “hydrowalls,” and vegetated terraces.

First-place winners were the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Florida, while the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Arizona took second. To see the full list of winners and view UT Arlington’s entry, visit

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