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Coleoptera Karyotype Database

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Karyotypes are a highly variable and complex trait that offers an opportunity to detect changes in genome organization, uncover phylogenetic history, and distinguish cryptic species. The current database contains 4,852 Coleoptera karyotypes which we have compiled from 241 publications. This website allows you to select the records that you wish to retrieve and will build a customized table of your results in a new window. You may select any of the drop down menus below and choose the subset of karyotypes you wish to retrieve. When you press the generate table button a new web page will open with the requested data. For purposes of comparison we have included Strepsiptera in the database; records for this group can be accessed under the suborder drop down menu.

Submitting Data: If you are aware of any available records that should be added to the database please email us and we will incorporate the missing data. Contact Us

Data taken from the database must not be reproduced in published lists, online databases, or other formats, nor redistributed without permission. The information in this database is provided solely for personal and academic use, and must not be used for the purposes of financial gain. The database should be cited as follows:

Blackmon, Heath, and Jeffery P. Demuth. "Coleoptera Karyotype Database." The Coleopterists Bulletin 69.1 (2015): 174-175.

Current version of the database is 1.2 last updated 1 February 2017.