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What We Believe

Our Approach to Leadership

"Leadership is influence, nothing more - nothing less." ~ John Maxwell

The Follett Student Leadership Center believes that leadership begins with a leader who possesses influence and self-awareness. Leadership is a process towards which a leader and followers pursue a path towards a common purpose or goal. An effective leader lives a life dedicated to service and is an ethical role model for others. Once a leader can truly understand and is achieving this, he or she will become a global-minded, diverse citizen who will have a positive influence towards affecting change in our communities. 

The Follett Student Leadership Center’s programs are guided by several leadership theories and models. A few are listed below.

The Relational Model is the primary model that guides the work of our Center.

  • A central tenet of this model is that relationships are the key to leadership effectiveness.
  • Relational Leadership is the process of people working together toward a common purpose to make an impact or achieve change that benefits an organization or community.
  • The relational leader strives to embody the 5 characteristics listed below. And we have adopted these as the core values of The Follett Student Leadership Center:
    • Ethical
    • Purposeful
    • Process-Oriented
    • Inclusive
    • Empowering

The Social Change Model serves as a supporting model which reflects our commitment to placing servant leadership in some context. We believe that leadership should be for positive change.

  • A central tenet of this model is that leadership should be focused on making change that results in a better world and a better society for self and others.
  • For positive social change to occur, leadership must occur at three levels: individual, group and community.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To develop innovative and collaborative leaders who:

  • Are relational in their approach
  • Educate themselves for the purpose of being engaged, global citizens
  • Actively apply their leadership knowledge and skills to improve their local and world community

Our Mission

Our office seeks to create a student centered learning environment whereby individuals through a process of practice, reflection and self-discovery explore the dimensions of leadership. We offer academic courses, programs and activities which are designed to connect and engage students while developing their leadership skills, ethical behavior and a sense of civic responsibility.

"Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I learn."
- Benjamin Franklin