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Freshmen Leaders On Campus

Dance-A-Thon 2016

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About FLOC

Freshmen Leaders On campus was winner of the NASPA Excellence Award, Bronze, presented by the national organization for Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, January 2009.


Freshmen Leaders On Campus (FLOC), a select organization for incoming freshmen, was founded at the University of Texas at Arlington in the fall of 2002. The mission of FLOC is to promote member involvement in student governance and community service, preparing students for active participation throughout their years at UT Arlington. FLOC provides great opportunities to make friends and to interact with varying aspects of university life. Members of FLOC quickly get involved in the university through networking with campus leaders, collaborating with other organizations and further developing leadership skills.

Former President Student Congress, Chris Featherstone proposed the establishment of FLOC in order to identify freshmen who have interest in leadership at UT Arlington. FLOC members have gone on to leadership positions in many facets of student life including roles as Student Congress President and Senators, Freshmen Orientation Leaders, Peer Leaders, Residence Hall Assistants, Ambassadors and EXCEL Directors.


"FLOC is the stepping stone into the world of leadership opportunities ahead. No other organization challenges you to truly mold yourself into the person you want to be. You build a family with FLOC that will carry and support you through all your endeavors. With FLOC you will always find a home."

Mirage Hamdy, FLOC Member 2014- 2015


"FLOC was such an incredible and rewarding experience for me. I was immersed into a rich environment that helped me grow not just as a person, but also as a leader. Throughout my time in FLOC I also met so many great individuals that became some of my greatest friends. It is definitely an organization that made my college experience more fulfilling and enjoyable."

Adrian Escusa, FLOC Member 2013-2014


  • Make connections and network.
  • Find and realize your potential.
  • Build leadership and communication skills.
  • Work with the UT Arlington leadership community.
  • Learn to grow your world.
  • Experience UT Arlington's diversity.
  • After Freshman year, find your niche of involvement on campus and in society.
  • Have fun!

FLOC 2013-14


Global Community

Every spring, the International Student Organization plans the popular International Week, which includes a parade, food fair, fashion show, and more.

International Student Organization