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FLOC Leadership


FLOC Student Advisor Applications Now Available 

The Freshmen Leaders on Campus Student Advisors work in a co-advising role in leading FLOC members. This position coordinates the recruitment, selection, and retention of members and oversees the FLOC members and executive committees. 

Please type all information and submit your application to The Leadership Center no later than March 28,2014 at 5pm. 

Download the 2014-15 FLOC Advisor Application

FLOC Leadership 2013-2014

President James Ruedlinger Jr.
Vice President Lindsey Wallace
Secretary Ashford Sonii

FLOC Committees

White Committee

Committee Chair Vu Nguyen
Committee Co-Chair Adriel Arredondo

Blue Committee

Committee Chair Emma Moe
Committee Co-Chair Ryma Mahouch

Student Advisors

Eric Chavez

Harjot Singh

Kauth Carter Leadership Fellow

Tung Nguyen

Staff Advisor

Veronica Guzman

student at UTA Radio


Radio waves

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