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Mentor applications are Now available.

Click here to apply to be a mentor for the 2016-2017 school year. 

About the Program

UTA-HOSTS! (Helping Other Students to Succeed) is a student mentoring program sponsored by the Leadership Center. New students, or mentees, are matched with returning students, or mentors, by major, school, college or simply interests. Participation in the program is free and open to all students. Matching occurs at the beginning of each fall semester and formal mentoring relationships are established throughout the fall and spring semesters. Mentors share invaluable knowledge, passing on what they have learned; mentees, realizing how it benefited them, continue the tradition, some serving as mentors their sophomore through senior years.  All positions are voluntary.

UTA-HOSTS! Mission

The UTA-HOSTS! Peer Mentoring Program fosters positive, individual mentoring relationships for new students in their transition to the UTA community by matching them with a successful returning student who offers support and resources throughout the first year at UT Arlington.  

Program Success

Studies completed in 2001 and again in 2012 point to the success of the UTA-HOSTS! Peer Mentoring program.  Although mentee program participants were less academically prepared when they began their college careers than the general student population (based on test scores), after participating in the program they:

  • Were found to have higher GPA’s
  • Enrolled in more hours
  • Were retained at a higher rate
  • Graduated at a higher rate
  • Constituted a higher percentage of female and minority students (than reflected in the general student population).



 The program began in 1994 as a result of a recommendation from the Student Service Fee Advisory Committee. The program is active in all schools and colleges on campus. Over the past twenty years, thousands of students have given and received support through our UTA-HOSTS! program.


The UTA-HOSTS! symbol represents the ideas behind the UTA-HOSTS! Peer Mentoring Program. Consisting of two Omega symbols of the same size, each represents a student in the peer mentoring relationship learning from one another. The blue Omega toward the back, symbolizes the UTA-HOSTS! Mentor who leads from behind guiding their mentee through the transitions of college life. The orange symbol, representing the mentee, is toward the front as our focus is on guiding our incoming students. 


Be the change!

UTA Volunteers is a student group that plans and implements service programs for UTA and the community, including the annual Big Event.

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