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Mentee Registration

2015-2016 Mentee Application

Welcome to UT Arlington. If you are ready to committe to being a part of a great organization that helps you connect to all other areas of UTA while building a strong bond with a successful student leader on campus become a mentee today. Your mentoring relationship is a two way street so make sure you are committed to being responsive with your mentor and attending the regular events offered by the UTA-HOSTS! program that will help you stay connected. Complete the application below and UTA-HOSTS! will help match you with a current student to mentor and guide you through your first year of college.

As a mentee remember to:

  • Think about what you would like to get out of your mentoring relationship
  • Keep in contact with your mentor and respond in a timely manner when they reach out to you
  • Set goals you would like your mentor to help you accomplish
  • Use your mentor as a resource, remember they joined the program because they want to help you
  • Be open and share how you are feeling with your mentor
  • Consider the advice your mentor gives you
  • Contact UTA-HOSTS! If your mentor is unresponsive 

Our Matching Process:

Save the Date: Mix & Match September 1, 2015

Our Mix & Match event is a very important event for all mentees and mentors to attend. Through networking games and opportunitites you will have the chance to tell us who you would like to have as a mentor. We can't guarantee that you will be matched with your first choice mentor but this matching process will help you to have strong input on your matching. Mentees who do not attend the Mix & Match event will be paired to the best ability by UTA-HOSTS! staff based on certain interests and commonalities from the application answers you provide.

Click here to register as a mentee for the 2015-2016 school year.

After registering, be sure to check your uta email for important information and updates throughout the summer. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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