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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the deadline to register for the retreat? 

The deadline for the 2018 Fall Leadership Retreat is Wednesday, September 19th at 4:00PM.

What is the cost to attend? 

The cost to attend the Leadership Retreat is $70.00 and is non-refundable. All payments must be made in full by the deadline. We only accept credit or debit cards and take payments in the Follett Student Leadership Center office in the UC180A. Payment hours are Tuesdays and Fridays from 8am-11am and 2pm-5pm.

What if I cannot afford the cost to attend? 

Check with your organization (or if you work on campus, check with your employing department) to sponsor the $70 for you to attend.

Will I have to pay extra for food and a place to stay? 

This fee covers your transportation, lodging, meals, and giveaways. There are vending machines available for you to purchase snacks and sodas.

If I have to cancel after I registered, do I still have to pay? 

The registration fee is non-refundable. If you contact The Follett Student Leadership Center (and your organization or workplace if you have been sponsored) BEFORE the deadline, there will be no penalty fee added. However, another student may attend in your place at no additional charge if you make arrangements with us by the deadline. If you cancel after the deadline, there will be a $100 penalty fee in addition to the $70 registration fee that you or your organization paid.

What if there is an emergency, illness, or death in the family on the day of the retreat and I cannot attend? Will I still have to pay the late fee? Will I receive a refund? 

If there is an emergency due to illness, we require a note from a physician in order to excuse the late penalty fee. In the case of a death, we will need documentation, such as an obituary, to document your no-show status. If proper documentation is provided, there will be no late fees added, but your registration fee will not be refunded..

Are there any other penalty fees I should know about? 

Yes, if you do not come to the retreat, there is a “No-Show” penalty fee of $100, in addition to the $70 registration fee.

I am a New or Transfer student and plan to park my car.  Where do I park? 

All students - new, transfer, or current - should have a parking sticker that would allow them to park in the student lots during the 2 ½ days of the retreat. 

NOTE: The Follett Student Leadership Center is not responsible for any tickets students receive for parking in Faculty/Staff or Student lots without the proper parking permit.

I have classes scheduled on Friday. Will there be any documentation provided stating that I am participating in the Leadership Center Fall Retreat?

We will have a letter signed by our Vice President of Student Affairs. If you plan to attend the retreat and require a letter, you must pick it up from The Follett Student Leadership Center. We are located in the University Center Suite 180A. All decisions regarding your class participation, assignments, exams, etc. will ultimately be left up to the discretion of your professor.

I will not be able to leave for the retreat at the scheduled time; can I drive myself or ask a family relative or friend to drive me to the retreat?

Per university policy, students are not allowed to transport themselves to any university-affiliated event off campus. Also, due to the structure of the retreat schedule, there will be NO late-comers for the retreat.

I have a quiz in one of my classes, and need to miss part of the retreat to take it. Can I leave during that time and come back?

Once you check in, you are officially participating at the retreat. You MUST attend all the activities for the retreat during the morning we are on campus until we leave for the retreat site. If you are not able to miss one of your classes and you have registered, we will not refund your registration fee. There will be no exceptions!

Will accommodations be offered to students with disabilities?

Yes, if you need accommodations to fully participate in the Fall Leadership Retreat, please contact us at (817) 272-9220. Please allow at least five (5) business days to arrange the accommodations.