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Retreat Small Group Team Leader

Fall Leadership Retreat Small Group Team Leaders

During the 2 ½ day retreat, small group leaders will help by:

  • Modeling outstanding leadership and encourage it from all participants
  • Facilitating small team-building activities
  • Possessing strong communication skills
  • Possessing strong group facilitation skills — flexible, organized, problem solving skills, and proactive
  • Being comfortable in working with senior level administrators
  • Greeting and hosting community leaders/alumni who attend the retreat
  • Setting the tone of the retreat, positive attitude (no complainers or laziness)
  • Ensuring that retreat participants are actively engaged

Benefits of Being a Small Group Team Leader:

  • The Leadership Center will sponsor your attendance and waive the  $60.00 registration fee. This fee covers your transportation, lodging, meals, t-shirt, and other giveaways.
  • You will help create the experience for your team
  • Learn transferable leadership skills through the Small Group Team Leader Trainings
  • Get to know other leaders on campus


All selected students must be available for training on:

Wednesday, May 3rd 3:30-4:30pm

Friday, September 1st 1-5pm

Wednesday, September 6th 3-5pm

Wednesday, September 13th 3-5pm

Locations will be sent via email once selected.

Application Information

Apply Here

Application are due on April 20th. Some students may be selected for an interview. Interviews will be held between April 26th- 28th

Cancelation or Termination of Position

If you are selected and agree to serve as a Small Group Team Leader you must be available for all the trainings and meetings listed above. Failure to attend the trainings listed above will result in a termination of your Small Group Leader position. If you are terminated from the position, or cancel after September 1st you will be responsible for paying the $60.00 registraion fee.You will still be eligible to attend as a participant but will not be serving as a small group team leader. If you decide not to attend the trip at all, you will also be responsible for paying the $100 cancelation fee totaling $160.00.

For more questions regarding the small group team leader expectations please contact Veronica Guzman at