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Committee Chairs

2013 Leadership Recognition Ceremony Committees

Maverick Leadership Scholarship

Loretta Pequeño-Griffin, Chair

Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges

Dr. Elisabeth Cawthorn, College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Krishnan Rajeshwar, College of Science
Dr. Mary Schira, College of Nursing
Loretta Pequeño-Griffin, Chair, Leadership Center

Jean Ashwill, College of Nursing
Dr. Lee Ann Fredrick, College of Science
Dr. David Mack, College of Business
Dan Moore, Office of Community Standards
Patty Motlagh, College of Education and
Health Professions
Cathy Pritchett, Honors College
Dr. Les Riding-In, College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Jim Williams, College of Science
Loretta Pequeño-Griffin, Chair, Leadership Center

Dr. Allan Saxe Disabled Student Scholarship

Dr. Sarah Rose, Chair

Dr. Kent Gardner Leadership Award

Kelli Vincent, Chair

Outstanding Student Organizational Awards

Kerri Ressl, Chair

Outstanding Student Leader Award

Kerri Ressl, Chair

Jim Burfisher Memorial Scholarship

Veronica Guzman, Chair

UTA HOSTS! Mentor of the Year Award

Veronica Guzman, Chair

Roberto Gaitan and Barbara Peet Leadership Center Scholarship

Loretta Pequeño-Griffin, Chair