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Co-Curricular Transcript

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript?

A Co-Curricular Transcript is an official university document that:

  • Is similar to an academic transcript.
  • Lists co-curricular and community involvement activities while at UT Arlington.
  • Is verified by The Follett Student Leadership Center staff, organizational advisors, and other approved staff.
  • Remember: You build your own Co-Curricular Transcript by submitting a membership request to join an organization or by inputting participation in an activity that does not involve an organization with whom you are affiliated.

Why Would I Want One?

The Co-Curricular Transcript can be used as a supplement to a resume, scholarship applications, and Graduate school applications. Studies have shown that employers are looking for employees who have “practical competency” or the ability to work with others on campus and in community organizations, and on projects in the workplace. Involvement in leadership activities also provides a connection to campus life.

What are the Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities?

  • Leadership Experience
  • Enhanced Academic Experiences
  • Friendships and Peer Interaction
  • Interaction with Community Leaders/ Volunteerism/Community Involvement
  • Career Vision and Goals
  • Networking with University and Non-University Personnel/ Personal/Professional Development

Provided by Making the Most of College, Students Speak Their Minds, by Dr. Richard J. Light

Which Activities Can Be Included?

Organizational activities

Involvement in a registered student organization, in which you maintain active status

  • Honorary
  • International and Cultural Interest
  • Political Information and Action
  • Professional Interests
  • Recreational Interests
  • Religious Interests
  • Service Goals
  • Social Activities
  • Special Interest
  • Student Affairs

Departmental Activities (Groups or projects sponsored through university departments)

  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Student Governance and Organizations
  • UTA Volunteers
  • EXCEL Campus Activities
  • New Maverick Orientation
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Any other campus organization involvement


Scholarships, Dean’s list, awards and honors including Who’s Who and other special recognitions

Participatory/Leadership Activities

  • Leadership conferences, workshops, seminars and retreats
  • Community activities
  • Volunteer service activities and projects provided to the community

Get started and create your own Co-Curricular Transcript