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Leadership Honors Program

The Leadership Honors Program is a leadership development program that emphasizes four core areas:

  • Leadership Knowledge
  • Self Awareness
  • Leadership Practice
  • Global Perspective

The program ensures that students have a comprehensive leadership experience that prepares them to be ethical, global-minded leaders.

How does it work?

The Leadership Honors Program is a four-tiered program, which helps facilitate your involvement at UTA and allows you to make the most of your college experience. By following the curriculum of the program, students stay in the know regarding key events and programs on campus that enable them to become well rounded individuals, personally and professionally in leadership development. The Leadership Honors Program promotes a student’s success as they progress through each tier of the program within their time at the University. Requirements before completing the emerging (foundational) stage of the program include: joining an organization, attending the Certified Leaders Institute, and attending 2 personal management workshops or programs.


  • Work with an student director to develop an individualized leadership plan
  • Access to leadership skills training and activities with other members
  • Attend student conferences on behalf of The Leadership Center
  • Act as an ambassador for The Leadership Center


  1. Submit the online application.
  2. You will be contacted by the Leadership Honors Student Director.
  3. You will meet one on one with the Leadership Honors Student Director to discuss where you are in your leadership journey.
  4. Please note that no advising appointments will take place over the summer. All appointments will resume in August when the school is in session. The student director, Robert Kalina, will schedule all the appointments.

Being a part of The Leadership Center has helped me grow into a successful, influential, and well-respected leader on the UT Arlington campus. The programs offered through the center have helped mold me into a confident public speaker and organized student as well as enhanced my ability to view life from different perspectives, thinking widely "out-of-the-box".
- Kwinetta Simien, Leadership Honors Program member