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Graduate Student Opportunities

Graduate Assistant for the Follett Student Leadership Center


Graduate assistants are valuable members of The Follett Student Leadership Center. The Graduate Assistant is responsible for developing programs and serving as a resource to the entire student population. This individual will have the opportunity to serve on committees, formally present within an academic course setting, attend personal and professional development activities, and assist with collateral assignments when requested. The graduate assistant will assist with forwarding the mission of The Follett Student Leadership Center, the Division of Student Affairs, and The University of Texas at Arlington. Ideal candidates will want to gain experience for their future in Student Affairs. This position is supervised by the Director of The Follett Student Leadership Center.


  • Assist in the development and implementation of a multi-year/multi-tier leadership program that encompasses emerging leaders through the senior year experience and beyond.
  • Assist students in leadership and service opportunities and encouraging students to increase their service and developmental potential.
  • Design publications pertaining to leadership minor/certificate and leadership programs.
  • Work with the director in preparing lesson plans for presentation in an academic course.
  • Assist the Associate Advisor in advising of UTA Volunteers and other student leadership.
  • Support The Follett Student Leadership Center staff in leadership and service program development and implementation.
  • Supports the mission, as well as all policies and procedures of the department and the university.
  • Promote leadership theory and development to create a civil, just and diverse community.
  • Actively assist in the development and participates in scheduled staff leadership development sessions and/or retreats.
  • Meet regularly with The Follett Student Leadership Center staff to discuss direction of the program, progress, and concerns.
  • Assisting in the development of goals and a strategic action plan for the campus community.
  • Supervise the Undergraduate Student Fellow.

Learning Opportunities

  • Understand, use, and teaching common leadership models like the relational leadership model and social change model.
  • Learning how assessments are used to measure student leadership growth.
  • Assisting in the planning and programming of the Etiquette Dinner and the Spring Emerging Leader Institute.
  • Assisting with classes and projects benefiting EDAD 1130, EDAD 2330, EDAD 4330, and the Leadership Academy.

Expectations and Outcomes

In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, the Graduate Assistant will be expected to:

  • Regularly communicate and attend meetings with the Center staff.
  • Serve as a positive role model for students.
  • Abide by professional standards and ethics.
  • Develop credible, working relationships with a diverse set of stakeholders.
  • Apply current issues in higher education and student affairs.
  • Take initiative for implementing innovative ideas.
  • Actively participate in professional associations in higher education specific to individual interests.
  • Be flexible, open-minded, and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Set personal and professional goals with a specific action plan.
  • Be knowledgeable about current issues in higher education and student affairs.
  • Develop competencies in assessment and evaluation, budgeting, strategic planning, programming, advising students, conflict resolution, and developing policies.


The Graduate Assistant for The Follett Student Leadership Center is a 19-hour-per-week position, which will involve some evening and weekend hours. For more information regarding compensation, please contact The Follett Student Leadership Center. Requirements for this position include full-time enrollment in a graduate program at The University of Texas at Arlington.


At this time, there are no Graduate Assistant opportunities available.

Loretta Pequeño-Griffin, Director

The Follett Student Leadership Center
University Center, Suite 180
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX 76019
Phone: 817-272-9220 or Email:

Applications and questions can also be submitted via email to