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Wells Fargo Student Affairs Leadership Conference Scholarship

The Wells Fargo Student Affairs Conference Scholarship supports students in their leadership and organizational development. Students may request up to $300.00 or more based on need to attend conferences, seminars, retreats, and workshops. The purpose of the fund is to aid students in advancing their leadership knowledge for the purpose of helping them to better serve their student organizations and the UT Arlington campus community.  

To apply students must complete the application as well as fully address the supplemental questions. The committee meets on a rolling basis to review applications. Students will be notified via email if their request has been granted. The funds are directly transferred into the recipient’s UT Arlington student account. Because it is a scholarship fund, any outstanding debts to the university will automatically be deducted from the amount awarded. Students should allow up to 3-4 weeks for a committee decision and if awarded a scholarship, for funds to be deposited into their student account.

 Please click here to view the scoring rubric the committee uses to review each application.

We are not accepting applications for Wells Fargo Student Affairs Leadership Conference Scholarship right now. Please check back later or contact The Leadership Center with further concerns.