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Faculty/Staff Leadership Coach

What is a Leadership Coach?

Leadership Coaches are faculty and staff that have a passion for leadership and student development partnering with The Leadership Center. Different roles of a Leadership Coach vary from a facilitator or presenter on a broad range of leadership topics, student leader mentor, scholarship committee member, and a resource for students and student organizations.

Why become a Leadership Coach?

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to the core value of personal development by providing a welcoming and stimulating center for student life filled with resources and helpful staff members that promotes growth and self-development and aides in developing students' strengths and talents. Leadership Coaches are just one way the Division can help provide resources to students in developing their leadership growth.

How do I become a Leadership Coach?

Once you submit your application, a staff member from The Leadership Center will be contacting you.

Obligations of a Leadership Coach

The time commitment of a Leadership Coach depends upon what role(s) you decide to take on as a coach. A mentoring role might be up to 8-10 hours per semester, whereas a presentation for a student organization might only be 2-3 hours with preparation and presentation time. We ask for a presentation/facilitation that you have a notes sheet and your presentation available electronically so if another coach or staff member would have to take your place, it would be an easy transition for a back-up to fulfill the obligation to the student organization or group.

Questions about becoming a Leadership Coach?

Contact Loretta Pequeño-Griffin in The Leadership Center at or extension 2-9220 for more information.

Leadership Coach Connections

Once a semester, there will be Leadership Coach meetings to discuss upcoming events, training of different roles, meet other coaches, share best practices, and be an open forum for discussion and questions. All Leadership Coaches will receive a polo shirt and a bag to wear and use when representing The Leadership Center as a Leadership Coach.