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Alternative Breaks


UTA Alternative Breaks is a service organization for those who seek a way to assist communities such as our own. We give students the opportunity to participate in multiple community service projects in the DFW Metroplex, as well as around the country, during every academic break. Alternative Breaks engages students in social issues through strong direct community services, education, and reflection to heighten social awareness, enhance personal growth and create sustainable change in the community.

Check out news coverage of our 2016 Winter Break!

“Alternative breaks has been a life-changing experience for me. Serving the different communities in West, Texas and in Biloxi, Mississippi exposed me to issues of homelessness, disaster relief, and the environment in a much deeper way and one that has helped me become responsible and aware of the issues facing our society. It truly is a remarkable experience!” - Kimoi Jeptoo, Junior, Math/Physics Major

"This is my third Alternative Break trip. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to help other people and form bonds with great people who share my interest of wanting to help make the world a better place."- Laura Deluna, Junior, Nursing Major

"Before I went to the trip, I never knew what it is like to cook food for more than 200 people. I miss every minute of the trip and I would recommend everyone to join the trip because it gives the feeling of self-satisfaction. You get a chance to find yourself, your interest and your hidden capabilities by coming out of your comfort zone which is really a good thing." - Somesh Arora, Sophomore, Computer Science Major


Alternative Breaks Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to work with students as they become active citizens and develop as leaders. The trip fee is waived for faculty/staff advisors.

Faculty and staff work in an advisory capacity with a student site leaders on each trip, and responsibilities include:

  • Drive UTA van from UTA to the site for Weekend/Winter Break; facilitate transportation for Spring Break after reaching site location by driving a 12 or 15-passenger van. (Charter busses will transport the group to and from location.)
  • Serve as a resource to the student site leaders during the trip.
  • Facilitate student leadership and empowerment for the site leaders on the trip.
  • Ensure all university policies and procedures are being followed at all times.
  • Participate in volunteering at sites while allowing the student leadership team to run the program.

For more information on being an advisor or participant in an alternative break, contact us at: or 817-272-9220

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