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Who We Are

Freshman Leaders On Campus (FLOC) is a select organization for incoming freshmen, founded at The University of Texas at Arlington in the Fall of 2002. The mission of FLOC is to promote member involvement in student governance and community service, preparing students for active participation throughout their years at UTA. FLOC provides great opportunities to make friends and to interact with varying aspects of university life. Members of FLOC quickly get involved in the university through networking with campus leaders, collaborating with other organizations and further developing leadership skills.

Benefits Include

  • Making connections and networking.
  • Finding and realizing your potential.
  • Building leadership and communication skills.
  • Working with the UTA leadership community.
  • Learning to grow your world.
  • Experiencing UTA's diversity.
  • After Freshman year, finding your niche of involvement on campus and in society.
  • Having fun!

Meet Us

2017-18 Student Advisor

Josefina Ghio


Staff Advisor

Rory Szwed - Assistant Director for The Follett Student Leadership Center

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