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Leadership Honors Program


The Leadership Honors Program is a multi-year, flexible leadership development program that emphasizes and facilitates student on-campus involvement and leadership growth. The program ensures that students have a comprehensive leadership experience that prepares them to be ethical, global-minded leaders.


The Leadership Honors Program (LHP) helps students to make the most of their college experience. By following the program curriculum, students stay in-the-know regarding key events and programs on campus that enable them to become well-rounded individuals, both personally and professionally, in leadership development. LHP promotes a student’s success as they progress through each tier of the program within their time at the University. It enhances other organizational involvement, as most activities done with other student or department organizations can be transferred for credit in the Leadership Honors Program.

What are the benefits of the LEADERSHIP HONORS PROGRAM?

  • Work with the LHP executive team to develop an individualized leadership plan
  • Free leadership skills training and workshops
  • Exclusive events and networking with other members
  • Collaboration with numerous campus organizations
  • Receive updates on upcoming events around campus
  • Graduate with Leadership Honors regalia


  • Apply online. Enrollment into the program is done once per year, at the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • Give a 2-year minimum commitment to the program.
  • Attend a mandatory orientation (if accepted into the program).
  • Attend qualifying workshops, programs, and events only at UTA.
  • Meet with a LHP Board Member at least once/semester
  • Complete all levels, including a legacy project, to graduate with Leadership Honors  


  1. Submit the online application.
  2. The Leadership Honors Executive Board will select those who qualify for the program.
  3. If selected, LHP will set up an interview with you.  
  4. The Board will notify all applicants whether or not they have been accepted into the program.
  5. If accepted, applicants will meet one-on-one with a Leadership Honors Board Member to discuss your leadership journey within the program.

"The Leadership Honors Program is one of the most awesome and respectful programs on campus. It is a program that not only builds and enhances a student's leadership skills, but also inspires them to have a vision and encourages them to achieve something wonderful, each and every day. LHP can completely pull a student out of their shell. Although I am a new-comer to this program, I personally feel that LHP has helped me, boosted me, and guided me to achieve greatness. The Leadership Honors Program is truly a one-of-a-kind program and I would highly recommend it to all Mavericks.  #JoinLHP #BeALeader #LHPMavs"

-Fawaad Hyder Khan, Leadership Honors Program, member