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What We Do

“We've got a responsibility to live up to the legacy of those who came before us by doing all that we can to help those who come after us.”

- Former First Lady Michelle Obama

Here at UTA, mentoring is a part of our culture and what makes our university community a strong and vibrant place. Along with the Maverick Mentors program, there are other mentoring programs across campus that reach out to meet the specific needs of students looking for a mentor or looking to serve as a mentor. Browse the programs below to find more ways to mentor on and off campus or find a mentoring program that's right for you.

The Link

Coordinated by the Office of International Education, The Link's purpose is to foster an appreciation for how others live and view the world. This is achieved by matching international students and scholars with families and individuals from the Arlington Community.

In Reach

In Reach encourages academic excellence, enhances self-awareness, and promotes the personal growth of participating students by providing caring guidance from qualified faculty and staff, tools and opportunities to develop academically, and awareness of the university’s student support services and resources.


The Office of Graduate Studies’ I-Engage Mentoring (IM) program provides funding for doctoral and doctoral-bound students to gain teaching and mentoring experience by serving as a research mentor to a UTA undergraduate. Undergraduates will have the opportunity to work closely with a graduate student mentor on either the mentor’s research/creative project or on their own research/creative project. 

Go Centers of Arlington

Our G-Force mentors are all UTA students who undergo continuous training to work with students who are serving at local high schools. G-Force mentors provide students with information regarding career options available to them, helping them fill out financial aid applications and search for scholarship opportunities, among others. These G-Force mentors are truly committed to helping us achieve our goals and the goals of the College for All Texans Campaign and the Closing the Gaps by 2015 initiative. 

College of Nursing

The mentoring program is designed to provide students with opportunities to network, share ideas and information, and to receive support as they progress through the PhD program. Activities held provide opportunities to collaborate with other students, mentor(s) and faculty on ideas and ways to address challenges and issues faced throughout their academic career.