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Maverick Ally Workshop

LGBTQIA+ Maverick Ally:

Formerly Safe Zone training, Maverick Ally is a three hour training, offered by LGBTQA Program, that connects LGBTQIA+ students with faculty, staff, and peers. The training provides contemporary perspectives on terminology, the framework of identities, the complexity of coming out, obstacles and access to resources, and the ally journey. After the completion of the entire three hour training, participants have the option to sign the Maverick Ally commitment form that designates an official Maverick Ally at UTA.

To attend a Maverick Ally training,

Please RSVP via this Sign-up form.

To request a department specific training, contact Kasey Catlett, at least three weeks prior to your preferred workshop date.

What is a Maverick Ally?

An ally is an individual with the awareness, knowledge, and/or skills to confront injustice and advocate for equality while supporting all persons, regardless of perceived or actual sexual identity, sexual expression, gender identity, and/or gender expression, who are experiencing discrimination.

Allies work in solidarity to create an affirming and inclusive campus community for all students. Maverick Allies are identified on campus by buttons, signs, and T-shirts that carry the official LGBTQIA+ Maverick Ally logo. If you see this logo, the person displaying it has gone through the official training, signed the commitment form, outside of external obligation or pressure, and is comfortable being a resource and connecting others to resources for the campus community.


Maverick Ally

Summer 2018 Workshops

Wed. June 6th

9am-Noon, UC Concho

Wed. July 25th

1-4pm, UC Concho