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Professor Elisabeth A. Cawthon
Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Department of History

319 University Hall
(ph): 817.272.2861
(fax): 817.272.2852


Ph.D. - University of Virginia, 1985
M.A. - University of Virginia, 1981
B.A. - Louisiana Tech University, 1978


Current Research

Medico-legal history, including coroners’ inquests, forensic pathology, and the use of psychiatric testimony in courtrooms, from the early modern through the modern eras.  Comparative Anglo-American legal history, focusing
on treason cases in which mental capacity was an issue.


Recent Publications

English Law and the American Experience, (ed.) Texas A &M University Press, 1994

“Sir Bernard Spilsbury,” in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (New DNB), 2004

“Keith Simpson,” in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (New DNB), 2004

“The Guiteau Case and Anglo-American Insanity Law,” in Historic U.S. Court Cases (ed. James Johnston), Garland Publishing, 2000, 2nd edition

“William Joyce,” in Notorious Lives (Salem Press, 2006)

“Asylums,” in Grolier Encyclopedia of the Victorian Era (Scholastic Publications, 2003).

“Crime and Punishment in Tudor and Edwardian England,” commentator for session at the European History Section of the Southern Historical Association, Birmingham, Nov. 16, 2006.


Teaching Interests

History of England to 1688  (HIST 2313)
History of England, 1688-present  (HIST 2314)
Great trials in Anglo-American history  (HIST 3319)
Comparative history of civil liberties   (HIST 3320)
Tudor-Stuart England  (HIST 4345)
British constitutional history   (HIST 4350)
Colloquium on modern European social and economic history (HIST 5311)
Colloquium on early modern England (HIST 5311)
Colloquium on modern European medical history (HIST 5312)
Colloquium on 20th century England (HIST 5313)
Seminar on early modern England  (HIST 5331)
Colloquium on early modern English legal history (HIST 5332)
Seminar on modern English legal history (HIST 5333)
Seminar on 20th century England (HIST 5349) 

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