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The medieval and early modern world saw major social and cultural changes—the rise of the middle class, the development of the individual, the emergence of the nation state, and the consolidation of many modern languages. The Medieval and Early Modern Studies minor fosters interdepartmental study of these periods, encouraging students to explore and connect topics in language, literature, history, art, and philosophy. The minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies comprises courses taught by members of various departments in the College of Liberal Arts.

Students seeking to minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies should first consult with advisors in their departments or programs for approval of the minor, then with the Director of the Minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (currently Dr. Sarah Davis-Secord of the Department of History). A minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies consists of 6 courses (18 hours total) selected from the courses listed below, with no more than 9 hours to be completed within any single discipline. In addition, other relevant topics courses not listed below may be used to fulfill the minor, with the approval of the Director of the Minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies. Students should consult the catalog and/or the appropriate department for prerequisites.


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3306 Byzantine and Medieval Art

3307 The Early Renaissance

3308 High Renaissance

4306 Mid-Renaissance

4396 | 5360 Special Studies in Art History (if topic relevant)


2303 Topics in Literature (if topic relevant)

2319 British Literature

3351 History of British Literature I

4301 History of the English Language

4321 Medieval British Literature

4322 Sixteenth-Century British Literature

4323 Seventeenth-Century British Literature

4325 Chaucer

4326 Shakespeare

4334 Special Topics in British Literature (if topic relevant)

4344 Topics in English Language Study

4386 Dante

4399 Senior Seminar


3311 French Literature and Culture

4332 Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Culture


3318 Special Topics in German Studies (if topic relevant)

4321 Topics in Literature & Culture (if topic relevant)


2313 History of England

3376 Medieval Europe I

3377 Medieval Europe II

3378 Europe: the Renaissance

3379 Europe: the Reformation and Counter-Reformation

3383 Early Modern Europe, 1560 - 1715

4330 Medieval Crusade and Jihad

4331 Medieval Travelers

4345 Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-1714

4354 Early France: Old Regime and Revolution, 1610 - 1799

4365 History of Spain and Portugal

4388 Selected Topics in History (if topic relevant)


1441 Latin Level I

1442 Latin Level II

2313 Latin Level III

2314 Latin Level IV

4391 Conference Course (if topic relevant)


3302 History of Philosophy: Roman and Medieval Philosophy

3303 History of Philosophy: Renaissance and Early Modern European



3302 Hisp Lit Trans (if topic relevant)

4310 Topics in Peninsular Spanish Literature and Culture to the Eighteenth Century

4313 Topics in Hispanic Culture (if topic relevant)

4330 Topics in Spanish Linguistics (if topic relevant)

Detailed Course Descriptions >>>

For information on the Medieval and Early Modern Studies minor, contact the Director at


Medieval and Early Modern Studies