UT Arlington Library Strategic Plan

September 1, 2008-August 31, 2011
Revised and updated, January, 2010

Goal 1

Teach our users to discover, evaluate and use information and technology resources as integral parts of academic discourse and scholarship.

  1. Increase information fluency and research skills.
    • Identify non-course-related library workshops related to research and scholarship and develop a means to sustain and market them.
    • Investigate and recommend the creation of digital learning objects that address information fluency and research skills.
  2. Increase growth opportunities for instructional staff.

Goal 2

Make our resources and services known to our user communities.

  1. Increase the visibility of the Library.
    • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan.
  2. Increase Library staff awareness of Library activities and processes.
    • Investigate and recommend methods for making communication more effective.

Goal 3

Promote awareness of scholarly communication trends and facilitate the faculty's participation in open access initiatives.

  1. Library staff will be knowledgeable resources for scholarly communication issues.
    • Educate library staff about the trends and issues regarding scholarly communications so that they can serve as resources for the faculty and advocates for open access.
  2. Increase the faculty's and administration's awareness of changes in scholarly communication.
    • Expand communication efforts to faculty and the administration about scholarly communication issues.
  3. Provide opportunities for faculty contributions in open access sources.
    • Develop incentives to encourage faculty to distribute their work in open access sources.

Goal 4

Provide digital services that enhance learning and research.

  1. Increase user success in discovering resources.
    • Investigate and recommend a next-generation OPAC.
    • Investigate and recommend RFID for possible implementation.
    • Perform an inventory of the print material in Central to enhance accuracy in the Voyager database.
  2. Increase digital content.
    • Develop and establish the framework for the Institutional Repository.
    • Add one digital collection per year of our unique library materials to the Institutional Repository.
  3. Modernize the website so that is successfully communicates with and engages our users.
    • Review the current website in preparation to adopt the Campus Content Management System (CMS).

Goal 5

Provide Library physical space that satisfies users' needs and improves operations.

  1. Optimize learning environments.
    • Identify and implement the practicable portions of the 07/08 space recommendations.
    • Redesign the Architecture & Fine Arts Library to incorporate additional space.
    • Address the need for cold storage to preserve the negatives in Special Collections.