Welcome to the Libraries' Website!

Dean Becca BichelThe UT Arlington Libraries website reflects the dynamism of a modern academic library -- one that is customer focused and committed to being an active partner in the learning, teaching, and research taking place at UT Arlington.

The Library has undergone tremendous change over the past few years, and nowhere are these changes more evident than on this web site. Major changes in information delivery and retrieval have impacted everything that we do as staff and our customers do as consumers of information.

Make no mistake about it, we are not your parents' library. Rather than only a physical collection of books and journals, the library is a gateway to resources that are on our shelves and beyond our walls. We purchase as well as rent, borrow, and connect to information. Library staff partners with faculty to improve the educational enterprise and teaches students how to evaluate and use information content. We also work behind the scenes to make access to information as seamless and uninhibited as possible.

The web site is easy to use, and I hope you will use it often. I also know that often the best interface to information is the dialog between student and staff member, faculty and librarian. To learn how we can meet your needs then you might want to visit any one of our physical locations. They are located across UT Arlington and on the Fort Worth campus, as well.