Staff - Administrative Services

Staff in the Administrative Office

Barker,  Evelyn
Director of Marketing and Communications
Bichel,  Rebecca
Dean of Libraries
Byke,  Suzanne
Associate University Librarian
Derrick,  Tanya
Administrative Assistant to the AUL
Dolan,  Carleen
Budget Officer
Dreitner,  Bonnie
Budget Accounting Clerk
Hayden,  David
Facilities and Security Manager
Herzog,  Andy
Director of Digital Experience
Hodges,  Ann
Director of Grants & Research
Houston,  Kathleen M.
Iakovakis,  Clarke
Data & eScience Librarian
Mirza,  Rafia
Digital Humanities Librarian
Munoz,  Ligia
Administrative Assistant II-Assistant to the Dean
Oglesby,  William
Facilities Assistant
O'Malley,  Erin
Exhibits Coordinator
Quarles,  Donald
Communications and Graphics Assistant
Scalf,  Heather
Director of Quantitative Assessment
Schuck,  Kevin
Coordinator I, Special Projects
Trkay,  Gretchen
Director of User Experience
Turner,  Diane
Communications Assistant
Warren,  Dwayne
Library Safety Shift Supervisor