About Borrowing

  • My Library Account
    See what library materials you are borrowing, renew materials online, and create customized lists of library materials for future use.

  • Library Cards
    You will need a library card to check out all materials. For UT Arlington students, faculty and staff, your MavID is your library card. Learn more here.

  • Types of Materials
    Discover the kinds of library materials available for borrowing.


  • Borrowing
    Learn the basics of borrowing library materials including who can borrow materials, what kinds of materials are available for borrowing, and how long you can borrow.

  • Renewing
    Learn how to renew your library materials and borrow them for a greater length of time.

  • Recalling
    Learn how to request the use of a book that has been borrowed by someone else.

  • Unprocessed Material
    Library material listed in the UT Arlington Libraries Catalog with status of "IN PROCESS" can be retrieved for your use.

  • Laptop Borrowing
    The Libraries provide short-term laptop borrowing services. Learn more here.

  • Course Reserves
    Find information about how to locate and use Course Reserves.

  • Resource Delivery Services
    Learn about the Libraries' services for acquiring and delivering research resources to our patrons.

Services For...

  • Faculty
    Participate in the faculty document delivery service and learn how you can have library materials delivered to your on-campus office.

  • Distance Education Students
    Are you a distance education student? Find out how you can request delivery of library materials.

  • Users with Disabilities
    Are you a student with a disability registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities? Find out how you can request delivery of library materials.

  • Graduate Students
    Are you a graduate student? Find out how to request the retrieval of library materials from Central Library or the Science & Engineering Library.

  • Guest Borrowers
    Are you a member of the public with no affiliation with UT Arlington? You can still borrow library materials! Learn how.

  • Children and Young Adults
    Are you under the age of 14 and wish to borrow materials from the UT Arlington Libraries? Find out how.

Borrowing from Other Libraries

  • Interlibrary Loan
    Learn how to borrow library materials from other libraries in the state or country, and pick them up at UT Arlington Libraries.

  • Using Other Libraries
    Having a library card with UT Arlington Libraries grants you borrowing privileges in other Texas libraries. Found out how.

Overdue, Lost, and Missing Materials

  • Lost or Missing Materials
    Are you having trouble finding library material on the shelf? Did you borrow an item, and think you may have lost it? Check here to find out what to do.

  • Fines & Fees
    The Libraries charge overdue fines and fees for lost or damaged material. Learn more here.

  • Fines Appeal
    Do you disagree with a library fine charged to your account? You can appeal it. Learn how here.