Maps, Atlases, and Cartographic Collections

The Library provides access to thousands of current and historical maps, atlases, and other cartographic materials housed in the Maps & Atlases Collection and the Virginia Garrett Cartographic History Library. Additional mapping resources are available through Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and online resources.

Maps & Atlases Collection

The Library’s Maps & Atlases Collection contains a wide variety of folded and sheet maps as well as bound atlases. Map and atlas types include: topographic, geographic, world/national/state/local, political, commercial, historical, and thematic. The collection also includes maps and atlases that display specific information related to topics such as natural resources, war, culture, language, demographics, and more.

Location:  Central Library, 2nd floor.

Virginia Garrett Cartographic History Library (VGCHL)

The VGCHL contains thousands of rare cartographic materials reflecting over five centuries of exploration in Texas, the Gulf Coast, the Greater Southwest, and the New World. The cartographic materials in the VGCHL come in a variety of formats such as maps, atlases, geographies, wood block prints, copper and steel engravings, lithographs, manuscript maps, portolan charts, copper plates, and globes. Learn More about the VGCHL.

Location:  Central Library, 6th floor. Special Collections

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computer systems that aid in the management and analysis of geographically referenced data. GIS allows you to combine data sets on map(s) in order to see relationships and patterns. Learn more about GIS.

Online Resources