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About Health Source: Consumer Edition

Enter Health Source: Consumer Edition

Coverage: 1960-present

Full Text: Full-text Database. in HTML

Update: Daily

Vendor: EBSCO

Access: UTA Only.

Description: Authoritative information on consumer health-related questions, such as healthy nutritional guidelines or latest treatments for cancer. The content of Health Source: Includes searchable full text for nearly 190 journals, as well as abstracts and indexing for over 200 general health, nutrition and professional health care publications. Also included is USP Pharmacopoeia DI: Volume II Advice for the Lay Patient and 20 health research books, thousands of essays from Clinical Reference Systems covering 8 major health related subjects such as adult health, behavioral health, cardiology, drug and medication information, pediatric health, senior health, women's health and sports medicine; Stedman's Medical Dictionary - providing users with access to terminology of genetics, oncology, pediatrics, pulmonology, emergency medicine, bacteriology, and laboratory medicine; and searchable full text for nearly 1,190 health-related pamphlets.

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