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Description: This database has interdisciplinary coverage for urban affairs, business, international studies, education, nursing, etc. Specific themes listed include: Arms Control, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Democratization, the Department of Defense, Economic Policy, Education Policy, the European Union, Global Economics and International Trade, Health Policy and Health Care Reform, Human Rights, Immigration, Intelligence, Latin America, Science and Technology Policy, State and Local Issues, Terrorism, and Urban Policy. PolicyFile collects data from world renowned public policy think tanks including the American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institution, Cato Institute, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Economic Strategy Institute, Heritage Foundation, Hoover Institute, Hudson Institute, International Monetary Fund, RAND Corporation, Urban Institute and the World Bank; university research program and publishers. Dozens of sources are combined to provide the user with a database of thousands of abstracts, fully searchable and linked via the World Wide Web. It includes information addressing virtually all aspects of public policy.

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