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Vendor: Geographic Research, Inc.

Access: UTA Only. Note: First Click on "Create Personal Workspace" and enter your e-mail address and a password. You will then be sent a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address - please click on the link in this e-mail to activate your account.


SimplyMap provides users the most current demographic, business, and marketing data available. SimplyMap provides the following nation-wide data:

  • Demographic Variables: Population, Age, Race, Income, Ancestry, Marital Status, Housing, Employment, Transportation, Families, and more.
  • Historical census data: including 1980, 1990 & 2000, plus current year census estimates and 5 year projections.
  • Business Variables: Detailed Consumer Expenditure, Business & Employee Counts by Industry (by NAICS Code), Consumer Price Index, Quality of Life & Consumer Profiles, and Market Segments.
  • Life Stage Clusters are a neighborhood classification system based on the crucial factors (84 Possible Life Stages based upon: Age of Head of Households; Marital Status; and Household Income) that determine life's key decisions.
  • EASI/Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) Propensity Data: Produces current estimates of usage and consumption (propensity) for thousands of very specific and detailed products, including actual brand data, details of frequency of usage, and more; annually prepares estimates for about 3,000+ MRI categories of propensities using updated demographic estimates; and Propensity Data incorporates the following data: Automotive, Beverages, Sports, Ailments/Remedies, Apparel, Appliances, Attitudes/Lifestyles, Baby, Computers, Electronics, Family Restaurants, and Fast Food, Financial, Grocery, Insurance, Internet, Leisure, Media, Personal Care, Pets, Purchasing, Telephony, Travel and Video.
  • Health: Answers to frequently asked questions about disease, health status, doctor visits and more; Health Questions Age 18+ & under 18; and Death Causes

Since there is some training required in order to understand a few concepts related to mapping, we highly recommend that you watch our 6 minute tutorial to get the most out of SimplyMap. The tutorial can be accessed by clicking on the "Tutorial" link in the top right corner of SimplyMap.

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