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Coverage: US Data - 1976 to present; Candadian Data - 1985 to present; all other markets - 1987 to present.

Vendor: Thomson Financial

Access: UTA Only. Note: Available through the Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS)

Description: Includes historical estimates for 35,000 companies around the globe.
Forecast items include earnings, sales, revenue, dividends, net income, EBITDA, and more. It offers the following features:
*Data consistency: Data is displayed in the same way that it was presented when originally published. We do not restate data, estimate, or actual for after-the-fact events. Also, while we will apply error corrections to the historical data when necessary, we do so only after having thoroughly researched the error and determined its causal factors.
*The I/B/E/S Ticker: Each company in the database has a unique identifier. This allows an investor to trace a companys historical estimates in spite of changes in other identifiers such as name or CUSIP.
*No Survivorship Bias: By maintaining the I/B/E/S ticker as a unique identifier, the database is free from survivorship bias.

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