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Description: The American West includes original manuscripts, ephemeral material (trade cards, wanted posters, photos, claim certificates, news-sheets etc.), maps, and rare printed works from the Graff Collection at the Newberry Library in Chicago. The main themes covered by the project are:

  • Native Americans
  • Pioneers, Hunters and Explorers
  • Mining and the Gold Rush
  • The Mormon Exodus
  • Homesteaders, Overland Travel and Early Settlements
  • Cattle Ranchers
  • The Railroads, Transportation and Urban History
  • Outlaws, Vigilantes and the Law
  • Agricultural Development and the Environment
  • The Imagined West: Wild West Shows and Fiction
  • Borderlands: Canada and the Pacific Northwest
Features & Highlights
  • The material ranges from 1722 to 1939, but the heaviest concentration is from 1830 to 1939.
  • Much of the material is unique and we have tried to avoid duplication with other published projects.
  • All printed material is full text searchable and can be viewed as transcripts or facsimiles.
  • Most maps are in color and have increased zooming functionality.
  • There are several resources for urban history, including directories for many leading settlements that show how they developed over time.
  • Environmental issues looked at include the decline of buffalo herds, the planting of the prairies, water management and the impact of roads and railroads.

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