Using I/B/E/S

In addition to the Copyright and Use Statement, the following restrictions apply to this database:

This publication or database and the information in it are protected by copyright. All reproductions of this copyrighted material must be for non-commercial, educational "fair use" as defined by 17 U.S.C. 107.

Users of this database are bound by the Statement of Conditions for Academic Users of I/B/E/S.

Authorized users of I/B/E/S must:

  • Provide Thomson with appropriate attribution in any written or oral presentations which utilize the Data and will reference Thomson I/B/E/S as a service of Thomson Financial, provided as part of Thomson's academic program to encourage earnings expectation research. User will not represent or suggest that the research or its conclusions have been endorsed or approved by Thomson.

  • Supply Thomson with complete electronic copies of any research resulting from use of the Data, including any findings, methodologies, and other relevant materials before they are submitted for publication, such that Thomson has reasonable and meaningful opportunity to review and comment on the use of the Data. To the extent that the User amends the research in a manner that would alter the basic premise of the use of the Data and subsequent findings, User shall resubmit complete electronic copies of the amended research. All electronic copies of such research shall be submitted to User will take into consideration and reflect any corrections and comments provided by Thomson as they pertain to the Data or the manner in which it is used. Should User plan to use the Data in projects or in a manner not previously communicated to Thomson, User will promptly inform Thomson in writing and seek consent.

Thomson may distribute paper reprints or electronic versions of such research and/or its abstract to clients, prospective clients as well as people in the academic community. Thomson shall have the right to provide copies of such research and/or its abstract as part of the Thomson Bibliography and may publish an announcement of the research with extracts over Thomson News. If the materials provided by Users are not yet ready for general circulation, User will mark the copy "Please do not distribute without requesting permission from the author(s)."

Authorized users of I/B/E/S must not:

  • Copy or redistribute the data without the written permission of Thomson except as may be required to complete the research project and only to those individuals permitted by Thomson.

The complete Statement of Conditions for Academic Users of I/B/E/S is available at the Central Library, Information Resources department.

Failure to abide by these restrictions could result in termination of the database for the entire university community.