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About the Digital Media Studio (DMS)


The Digital Media Studio (DMS) is a self-service multimedia training and production facility for UT Arlington. Within the DMS, students, faculty, and staff have access to enhanced Windows and Macintosh computers, the latest software, video editing equipment, scanners, and much more.


To discover new ways of using multimedia to enhance the University.

DMS Access

  • Users must be current faculty, students, or staff with an active MavID.
  • Users cannot use the DMS for corporate or business related projects.
  • The DMS is for multimedia training and production of supported software. Please use other computer labs for word processing, video viewing, web surfing, and other daily needs.
  • Workstations are available to users on a first-come, first-serve basis. To reserve a workstation for a specific time, call 817-272-1345 during open hours.

General Disclaimers

  • DMS employees reserve the right to close the DMS at any time for classes, maintenance, and other problems or occurrences.
  • Library staff have access to all computers and can view the screens at any time.
  • The DMS is not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft, incurred by users due to equipment, technology, power failure, user error, or failure to follow the DMS guidelines.
  • The DMS cannot endorse or advertise any student, organization, or business other than those sponsored by the UT Arlington Library.

DMS Equipment

  • Projects must be saved to personal storage drives or network space. Projects saved to the local DMS workstations are deleted after each visit.
  • All DMS equipment and training reference must remain within the DMS.
  • Use of DMS scanners for large amounts of text from books is prohibited and may violate copyright laws.

Violations of Use

The DMS is a privilege granted to users. Denial of DMS service and/or legal action may be initiated for any of the following activities:

  • Harassment to others over the Internet or towards other DMS users.
  • Loud or obnoxious behavior to staff or other patrons.
  • Refusal to follow requests or instructions given by DMS staff.
  • Intentionally damaging equipment or data belonging to other patrons or the DMS.
  • Copying/scanning materials protected by copyright law beyond the bounds of fair use.
  • Violation of software license agreements.
  • Violation of the Texas obscenity laws and/or UT Arlington Library's Computer Usage Policy.
  • Illegal activities that cause problems to the integrity or security of the computer or network.
  • Impersonating other users or utilizing unauthorized IDs and passwords.
  • Attempting to alter the configuration of library workstation software, hardware, or cabling.

DMS Digital Media Studio