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About:   Some technology that is current (or just over the horizon) once only existed in science fiction. This exhibit showcases some of the resources located in this library that prepare science and engineering students to create technologies that were once only found in the imagination.   Here are some of the “sci-fi” topics covered in this library: Robotics Cybernetics Informatics Epigenetics Nanoscience Cyberspace Artificial Intelligence Time Travel Immersive Gaming Space Colonies Multiverses Laser Technologies This exhibit coincides with the Information Fair, held August 28, 2012 in the Central Library.

Date:   August 2012

Sponsoring Library:   Science and Engineering

Location:   SEL

Curator:   C.D. Walter


  • General


  • Star Wars
  • Technology of the Future

Selected Readings:   View Bibliography (PDF file)

Photographs:   View Photos in Flickr

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