Courses & Degrees at UT Arlington

Spring 2012 Scheduled Courses

  • CIRP 5357 - Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
    • "Applications of GIS to typical urban and regional geographic information problems and projects."
    • Instructor: Jianling Li

  • GEOL 5320/4320 - Understanding Geographic Information Systems
    • "A practical introduction to GIS and methods of creating, maintaining and displaying spatial data using the ArcGIS software."
    • Instructor: Christopher Scotese

  • GEOL 5322/4332 - Global Positioning System
    • "Review of the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System and its segments: space, operational control, and GPS receivers. Mechanics of the satellite constellation; GPS signal structure; data and coordinate systems; precision and accuracy; error factors; absolute (point) versus relative (differential) positioning. Various positioning techniques using several types of GPS receivers; field data collection and input into GIS programs for data analysis and presentation."
    • Instructor: Glen Mattioli

  • GEOL 4334/5324 - Geographic Data Analysis Project
    • "Acquisition, processing and analysis of a set of spatial data selected by the student with approval of the instructor. A written report of the results is required."
    • Instructor: Christopher Scotese

  • LARC 5664 - Design Studio IV: Environmental Planning
    • "Expands the student's concept of the environment as a large scale ecologic unit independent of political boundaries. Primary focus is on Geographic Information Systems (GIS); therefore, computer-aided design experience is a prerequisite. Presents a process of solving large scale planning problems through data gathering and information processing techniques commonly used by landscape architects employed in environmental planning."
    • Instructor: Taner Ozdil

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