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Fall 2012 Workshops

Mapping Presidential Results in Your Neighborhood
September 25, 3 - 5pm
Central Library, Rm. B20

Use Geographic Information Systems to predict how voters in any given neighborhood in Texas will vote in the upcoming presidential election.  We will also explore previous elections results, as well as campaign contributions, Republican/Democrat affiliations, etc. Open to all. No GIS experience required.

Mapping Ozone in Texas: Kriging & Spatial Statistics
October 30, 3 - 5pm
Central Library, Rm. B20

Learn how Geographic Information Systems and ESDA (Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis) can help to estimate ozone levels across the state.  In addition to ESDA, this workshop will cover the basics of kriging, a popular interpolation method.  Open to all. No GIS or statistical background required.

GPS in the Library Mall: Cache, if You Can!
GIS Day - November 14, 4 - 5pm

Learn how to use GPS receivers and participate in a geocaching exercise. Total fun; not to be missed. No GPS experience necessary. Open to the public. (Part of GIS Day 2012.) Registration not required

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