Classes Offered

Partnering with faculty, we offer a variety of customized instruction classes that can improve outcomes by teaching students how to use library resources effectively, how to avoid plagiarism, etc. Below is a menu of common curricula, but we are happy to work with you to customize instruction that more specifically addresses your needs. Schedule a class.

Don't forget to check out our workshops (e.g., research techniques and tools, emerging technologies, database searching, GIS, multimedia, etc.) that we can also customize for your class.

Choosing a Topic
This lesson plan helps students brainstorm keywords and narrow a topic to a focused research question.

Finding Sources
This in-class activity encourages students to explore library databases that may benefit their research.

Evaluating Sources
The following activity can be used in-class or as a homework assignment. The purpose of this exercise is to provide students with a systematic process for evaluating sources.

Citing Sources with APA
This in-class exercise will help students become familiar with APA citation and style rules.

Academic Integrity
This session focuses on plagiarism and academic integrity.

Finding and Using Data
This session focuses on how students can access and integrate data into their projects or papers.

Citing Sources with MLA
This in-class activity helps students become familiar with MLA citation and style rules.

Creating Videos in Windows Movie Maker
This lesson teaches students the basics of video editing in Windows Movie Maker.

Research Skills for Graduate Students
In this class, students will learn the purpose and methods of conducting a literature review. They will also become familiar with the web, library, and professional tools and sources needed to successfully carry out their research and learn the basics of using the time-saving bibliographic reference and citation management software.