Volunteers and Practicum Students

The UT Arlington Library welcomes the opportunity to work with volunteers and practicum students.

Volunteers are individuals who agree to work in the Library in non-remunerative positions. It is a mutual agreement between someone in the community (who would like to learn more about libraries or who has a skill that they would like to continue to practice) and the Library, who represents UT Arlington. At the time that someone volunteers, there has to be a sponsor within the Library who can work with them during this time to direct their work. Currently enrolled students of UT Arlington may not work as volunteers (HR Procedures, 3-44).

Practicum students are working on a degree program that requires a “hands-on,” real-life experience in a professional setting in order to complete their program and graduate. A practicum is designed with specific needs in mind and with the permission of the student’s advisor. The student will earn graduation credits for this and it is a non-remunerative position.

For further information, contact Kevin Schuck at 817-272-3313 or keschuck@uta.edu