UT Arlington Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab

About LINK Lab

What will universities look like in 2025? 2050? How will social networked technologies transform learning? How will learning analytics help us better understand teaching and learning? Is the future of learning personalized, connected, and global? What role does a modern university play in the shaping work in the 21st Century? What pedagogical and support systems do universities need in order ensure success for all learners?

UT Arlington's new LINK Research Lab is exploring these questions.

LINK is a research laboratory where researchers, educators, and graduate students connect, share, and collaborate in advancing social and technological networks, designing future learning models, and exploring the future of higher education.

The LINK Research Lab is a department of the Division of Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) at the University of Texas at Arlington. Other departments in DTL include the Center for Distance Education and Educational Technology Support Services. DTL reports to Vice Provost Pete Smith.

Learning Innovation and Knowledge Research Lab