UT Arlington Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab

Professional Learning Community Program

Sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs, the Division of Digital Teaching and Learning, and UTA Libraries
Facilitated by Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge (LINK) Research Lab, and UTA Libraries

Faculty and staff selected for the program will work together in themed communities under the guidance of a facilitator to explore and implement strategies, activities, and projects that improve the learning experience at UTA. Collaboration will take place through on-campus and online sessions among the group members and with national and international leaders in educational technology. Participants will have the opportunity to funnel their experiences and insights gained back to their colleagues locally by presentations and discussions at conferences and workshops. Each participant will plan, conduct, and evaluate a project based on the group theme. Expectations, benefits, and calendar of events are linked below. Applicants are encouraged to carefully consider their schedules and responsibilities before applying. Application deadline has been extended to close-of-business August 18, 2014.

The four PLCs for academic year 2014-15 are:

  • Connected Learning and Building Online Community with Andy Herzog, sponsored by UTA Libraries
    Research shows that students who feel more connected to fellow students and their faculty members are more likely to be successful and continue with their studies. For this reason, this professional learning community will focus on strategies that help students build online learning networks and develop a digital identity.  Participation will include attending the Online Learning Consortium International Conference October 29-31, 2014, Orlando, Florida. 

  • Open Educational Resources with Peggy Semingson, sponsored by UTA Libraries
    OERs allow you to choose what and when to teach; not the textbook publishers! This professional learning community (PLC) will focus on providing support and opportunities for UTA faculty to use OERs in their courses. Participation in the 11th Annual Open Education Conference, November 19-21, 2014 in Wash, DC.

  • Tech Tools for Teaching and Learning with Diane Mitschke, sponsored by LINK Lab
    This professional learning community (PLC) will focus on learning about various web-based and other technological tools that can be used in the classroom to facilitate learning, engagement, and communication.   Topics covered will include experimentation with education-related apps and software, use of social media, and expanding the reach of Blackboard, among others.Participation includes attendance at the Teaching Professor Technology Conference, October 10-12, Denver, CO.

  • Retooling the Core with Laurel Mayo, sponsored by LINK Lab
    Participants will work in teams to incorporate technology tools and high engagement strategies in core curriculum courses with a focus on student success and retention.  Possible approaches include flipping the classroom, team-based learning, and learning analytics. Participation includes group attendance in the Teaching Professor Technology Conference, October 10-12, Denver, CO.

For additional information contact the facilitator of each group.

Click here for the application form to the program. You will first be prompted to log into the form with your Net ID. After completing some basic identifying information, you will be asked to make a personal statement about your background and experiences, and describe a potential project that you might conduct which connects to the theme of your preferred groups.

Thank you for your interest!

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