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B.S. to Ph.D. Track - Aerospace Engineering

The B.S. to Ph.D. Program is an accelerated program in which the student bypasses the M.S. thesis and proceeds directly to the Ph.D. dissertation research. Requirements for unconditional admission to the B.S. to Ph.D. Degree Program include:

  • An overall GPA, as calculated by the Graduate School, of 3.3 or higher in undergraduate coursework.
  • Relevance of the student's previous degrees to the AE curriculum.
  • Reputation of the universities or colleges the student has attended.
  • A GRE score of at least 500 (verbal) and 750 (quantitative).Three satisfactory written recommendation forms from prior professors or supervisors
  • A written essay on the student's goals and reasons for pursuing graduate studies.

In addition to the requirements listed above for the Ph.D. degree, a B.S. to Ph.D. Track student will be required to enroll in at least three hours of research each semester during the student's first two years, receiving a pass/fail grade (no R grade) in these hours. A student may be exempted from enrolling in research hours in the student's initial semester. A B.S. to Ph.D. Track student must have a faculty research (dissertation) advisor prior to the start of the student's second full semester. A B.S. to Ph.D. student must take the Ph.D. diagnostic examination prior to the start of the student's fourth full semester.