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AE Undergraduates

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers Undergraduate and Graduate Aerospace Engineering Degree Programs. Advances in aerospace technology have been so rapid in recent years that the successful aerospace engineer is one who has developed an ability to generate, analyze, and evaluate new concepts and convert them into reliable products which are environmentally acceptable to society. Both Programs provide a sound foundation which prepares graduates for the workplace, research or further education.

The Undergraduate Program is an ABET accredited four year course of study. A total of 131 credit hours is required for graduation. Throughout the Program, laboratory courses allow students to see theory put into practice. A variety of learning experiences outside of the classroom give students an advantage when looking for jobs. In addition, many students participate in research, working with graduate students and faculty advisors. Since today's technology may be tomorrow's obsolescence, the student is given opportunities to practice and perfect a learning ability through the study of basic and engineering sciences in addition to the humanities. The areas of aerothermodynamics, flight mechanics, and structural mechanics are given equal emphasis in the curriculum, which culminates in a vehicle design project. To increase versatility, a student may choose elective courses to develop strength in a secondary field of interest outside the major. Students with good grade point averages may find employment as "co-ops" or interns with local aerospace companies.

Undergraduate Program

For previous year catalog requirements, refer to the catalog or consult an academic advisor.

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