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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students

For Current Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students

Graduate Program Objectives

The graduate program provides opportunities for professional development in such forms as: instructional courses to enhance technical competence in areas of mechanical engineering practice; training through a variety of experiences in design, development, research, experimentation, and/or analysis in joint efforts with faculty and peers; specialized courses of study required for entry into career fields allied to the mechanical engineering discipline; guided individual study under faculty supervision; and supportive coursework for programs leading to careers that require interdisciplinary competence.

A student with aid from a faculty advisor plans a program which will be consistent with his or her technical interests and the available facilities and course offerings. Typically, programs are classified as:

  • Thermal Science,
  • Fluid Science,
  • Mechanical Design and Manufacturing,
  • Solid Mechanics and Structures, or
  • Controls and Systems

ME Graduate Core Courses

Thermal Sciences:
  • ME 5316 Thermal Conduction
  • ME 5317 Convection Heat Transfer
  • ME 5318 Radiative Heat Transfer
  • ME 5321 Advanced Classical Thermodynamics
Fluid Science:
  • ME 5313 Fluid Dynamics
  • ME 5342 Advanced Gas Dynamics I
  • ME 5344 Viscous Flows
Design, Mechanics and Manufacturing:
  • ME 5310 Finite Element Method
  • ME 5337 Introduction to Robotics
  • ME 5339 Structural Aspects of Design
  • ME 5311 Structural Dynamics
Controls and Systems:
  • ME 5303 Classical Methods of Control Systems Analysis and Synthesis
  • ME 5305 Dynamics Systems Modeling
  • ME 5341 Control Systems Components
Analysis courses:
  • ME 5331 Analytic Methods in Engineering
  • ME 5332 Engineering Analysis
  • Approved Mathematics courses

Continuation in the Program

The Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program, in fulfillment of its responsibility to graduate highly qualified professional engineers, has established certain policies and procedures. In addition to the requirements of the Graduate School listed elsewhere, to continue in the program each Mechanical Engineering graduate student must:

Maintain at least a B (3.0) overall GPA in all course work major and minor, and

Demonstrate suitability for professional engineering practice.

At such time as questions are raised by Mechanical Engineering Graduate Faculty regarding either of the above, the student will be notified and will be provided the opportunity to respond to the Committee on Graduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering. The Committee on Graduate Studies will review the student's performance and make a recommendation concerning the student's eligibility to continue in the program. Appeal of a decision on continuation may be made through normal procedures outlined in the section of the catalog entitled "Grievances Other than Grades."

Criteria for Award of Fellowship

Applicants who are admitted unconditionally and demonstrate skills, experience or interest that meet the needs of the ME Graduate Program will be considered for fellowship.

Certificate Program

Beginning with Fall 2016 requests, the graduate school will deny the certificate in MyMav and make the student eligible to “reapply” for a future term, just like they do for degree seeking students. The student will receive an email from the graduate school to inform them. There is a form for a student to request a certificate. When that form that was submitted is denied, it will be noted as denied, and the student will have to submit a new form if they expect to earn the certificate in a future term.

There is a $5 fee for a certificate. The graduate school will only charge the fee to a student’s account when a certificate is actually printed at the end of the term. They also plan to email the student to let them know their certificate was printed and the fee posted. The form can be found here:

Pick the one that says “I will complete all requirements for my certificate by the end of this semester.”

Our Certificates are:

  • AUTOENGR-auto engineering
  • ME_CT-Electronic Packaging Cert
  • ME_CTMANU-Manufacturing Cert
  • MAEUVSCERT-Unmanned Vehicle Cert

Classroom Assistants

CA / GTA Application

Classroom Assistant (CA) applications are available twice a year for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering undergraduate or graduate students. Applications are available March 1-31 for the fall term and October 1-31 for the spring term. Applications are not accepted prior to or after the due date. A CA may be entitled to Texas resident tuition rates.

Graduate Teaching Assistants

CA / GTA Application

Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) applications are available twice a year for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate students. Applications are available March 1-31 for the fall term and October 1-31 for the spring term. Applications are not accepted prior to or after the due date. 

A GTA position provides competitive stipends. GTAs may be entitled to Texas resident tuition rates; for details, see

GTAs may also be eligible for a STEM fellowship, which covers most fees and all but the statutory tuition, international student fee and student insurance; for details, see