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Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Students

The undergraduate mechanical engineering program is broad-based and emphasizes fundamental engineering sciences and applications. The undergraduate curriculum is very thorough. The following areas are emphasized in the BSME program:

  • Structures - This is the part of ME which examines the static and dynamic response of structural members and machine elements with and without damage under complex loads.
  • Thermal Engineering - This discipline deals with transport of energy, protecting integrity of bodies in harsh environments, and designing systems that convert energy.
  • Fluid Mechanics - This discipline is concerned with all aspects of fluid behavior under the influences of applied forces.
  • Dynamic Systems and Controls - This discipline deals with systems objects that move or change with time. Mechanical Engineers are often called upon to design dynamic systems that include feedback and automatic controls.
  • Materials Science and Engineering - This is the discipline of ME which involves the study of materials and their properties for applications which include: structural, fluids, thermal, etc.
  • Manufacturing - This discipline looks at different approaches to enhance the ease, efficiency and cost of manufacturing a product.
  • Design - This is the discipline of ME which deals in converting conceptual ideas into feasible designs by conventional and computer methods.

Classroom lectures are supplemented by laboratory experiences designed to give students hands-on application of classroom theory. Senior undergraduate students are required to take a two semester design project course where they design, develop and manufacture a device, component or machine. This provides the opportunity for students to apply much of the knowledge gathered over the preceding three years in the development of a product.

Highly qualified students may elect to participate in the Honors Program in Mechanical Engineering. This program offers an accelerated path to the BSME degree with the possibility of facilitated admission to UTA's Graduate School to study for an advanced degree or early admission to another professional school. The Honors Program is based on a series of honors courses that allow the highly qualified student to study certain engineering fundamentals in parallel with the mechanical engineering applications. Honors courses may be self paced and are enriched with multimedia learning opportunities.

Undergraduate Program

  • Advising
  • Flow Charts and Degree Plans
  • MAE Undergraduate Catalog
    • MAE Program Objectives and Outcomes
    • Pre-professional and Professional Course Requirements
    • MAE Professional Program Requirements
    • MAE Technical Electives
    • General Education Courses (including Fine Arts requirement)
    • Minor in Mechanical Engineering

For previous year catalog requirements, refer to the catalog or consult an academic advisor.

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