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2014 Aero Mavericks Design Competitions Results

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

UTA MAE Aero Mavericks Fixed-Wing Division (28-30 March)
SAE AeroDesign West 2014: UTA 8th Overall, 5th in Flight Score out of 33 Regular Class teams in totalChief Engineer: Robert Wilsford

UTA MAE Aero Mavericks Rocket Division (05 April)
2014 Battle of the Rockets: UTA 2nd Egg Saucer Event out of 9 Egg Saucer teams in total Chief Engineer: James Haley

The Aero Mavericks team and the Aero Mavericks President, David Whaley, thanks the MAE department for their support. A special thank you to Douglas A. Cawley from MCKOOL SMITH ( for being the primary sponsor for the Aero Mavericks student team.

Success is a journey, not a destination. Congratulations to the Aero Maverick's year-long learning via preparations, design, manufacturing, testing and most of all - teamwork.

--Bernd Chudoba, Aero Mavs Sponsor