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Team Wins 2014 Emory Global Health Competition

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Congratulations to Mr. Michael Stringer, ME Senior, and Dr. Raul Fernandez, Advisor, for leading a multi-disciplinary team (UTA-UTSW-UTD) to the top of the 2014 Emory Global Health Competition!

Last week, Mr. Michael Stringer, ME senior, represented UTA in a multi-disciplinary team that entered the prestigious International Emory Global Health Case Competition. Michael joined three medical students and two MBA students from our two sister institutions in the Metroplex—UT Southwestern and UT Dallas—to take first prize and a $6,000 cash award. Dr. Fernandez advised the team throughout the competition.

The Emory Case is the largest and most enduring academic global health competition, this year drawing as many as 140 students from 24 universities across the United States, Australia, Canada, and Sweden. The GE Foundation is the signature sponsor for the competition.

The student teams spent an intensive weekend developing organizational strategies for the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure it successfully meets emerging 21st century health challenges. Teams included undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students from multiple academic disciplines. Competing in the 2014 event were Cornell University, Duke University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, Lund University, Mount Sinai University, New York University, Northwestern University, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of Alberta, the University of California Irvine, the University of California at San Francisco, the University of Melbourne, the University of Minnesota, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Southern California, the University of Toronto, the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, Yale University, Yeshiva University, and Emory University.

The UT Metroplex team beat Johns Hopkins to the top award in a contested, double-round set of presentations. As expressed by one of Emory's officers the UT Metroplex team came "under the radar" to claim the top prize.

Thanks to Dr. Fernandez collaborative effort with UT Southwestern's Innovations in Healthcare Solutions (HIS) program, we currently have 5 Senior Capstone Design teams working on UTSW/HIS- projects. UT Southwestern's Innovations in Healthcare Solutions program encourages medical device & service entrepreneurship.