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Current Events

Brown Bag Seminars:
Every Wed. noon-1:00 pm, Woolf Hall room 402

  • Jan. 28, Sylvia George-Williams, "Using Engineering Library Resources for Research"
  • Feb. 4, Dr. Ankur Jain, "Giving Effective Presentations" (MAE)
  • Feb. 11, TBA
  • Feb. 18, TBA
  • Feb. 25, Ashley Chase Guy, "A Modified Nose-Hoover Thermostate for Improving Temperature Response in Simulations of Molecular Interactions" - Advisor: Dr. Alan Bowling (MAE)
  • Mar. 4, Farshad Zahedi, "Wireless Ultrasound Pitch-Catch Sensor Powered by Microwave Energy" - Advisor: Dr. Haiying Huang (MAE)
  • Mar. 18, Md. Mazharul Islam, "Guided Wave Based Structural Health Monitoring" - Advisor: Dr. Haiying Huang (MAE)
  • Mar. 25, TBA
  • Apr. 1, TBA
  • Apr. 8, Ali Farzbod, "Ion-Selective Sensing on Digital Microfluidic Devices" - Advisor Dr. Hyejin Moon (MAE)
  • Apr. 15, 1) Abhishek Chatterjee, "Solution to Three-Dimensional Indeterminate Contact and Impact with Friction Using Rigid Body Constraints" - Advisor: Dr. Alan Bowling (MAE);
    Apr. 15, 2) Nandakumar Vijayakumar, "Comparative Study on Dual Flow Reference Nozzle" - Dr. Donald Wilson (MAE)
  • Apr. 22, Wendy Okolo, "A Comprehensive Analysis of Formation Flight Using Varying Aircraft Pairs and Different Metrics for Formation Benefits" - Advisor: Dr. Atilla Dogan (MAE)
  • Apr. 29, Raheem Bello, "Detonation Engine Power Generator" - Advisor: Dr. Frank Lu (MAE)


Aero Mavericks: 
Woolf Hall room 208

  • Rocketry division meets every Monday at noon
  • Fixed-Wing division meets every Wednesday at noon
  • Contact President, for additional information.





  • Monthly Meetings Schedule to come


Formula SAE:
Every Wed. 7:00 pm, Woolf Hall room 100

  • Weekly Meetings, interested students are welcome to attend

SAE racecar