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Faculty Directory

Dr. Ashfaq Adnan | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | WH 315C | (817) 272-2006
Nanoscale Phenomena and Multiscale Analysis, Mechanics of Engineering Nanomaterials, Mechanics of Polymer and Advanced Materials, Fracture Mechanics.

Dr. Dereje Agonafer Dr. Dereje Agonafer | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 211A | (817) 272-7377
Electronic packaging, heat transfer, thermal engineering.

Dr. Miguel Amaya Dr. Miguel Amaya | Faculty Profile
Senior Lecturer and ME Undergraduate Advisor | WH 204D | (817) 272-9266
Two-phase heat and mass transfer - boiling, evaporation, wetting.

Dr. Erian Armanios Dr. Erian Armanios | Faculty Profile
Professor and Chair| WH 211B | (817) 272-2062
Computational solid mechanics, analysis, testing and design of composite structures, failure characterization and prediction, elastic tailoring, energy dissipation, implementation of active materials for flow control and nondeterministic methods for structural prognostics.

Dr. Pranesh Aswath Dr. Pranesh Aswath | Faculty Profile
Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies| WH 325B | (817) 272-7108
Synthesis, processing and characterization of ceramics, intermetallics and composites. Deformation, creep, fatigue and environmental degradation of materials. Analytical electron microscopy, Auger spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, EPMA. Processing and properties of ceramic matrix composites and Ceramic coatings for Biological applications. Tribology and Lubrication.

Dr. Alan Bowling Dr. Alan Bowling | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | WH 315A | (817) 272-0206
Multibody Dynamics, Control, Robotics, and Biomechanics

Dr. Wen Chan Dr. Wen Chan | Faculty Profile
Professor and Director of the Center for Composite Materials | WH 300B | (817) 272-5638
Composite structure design, mechanics of composite materials, material behavior of composites, finite element analysis, damage tolerance and durability, fracture mechanics and fatigue analysis, and smart structures.

Dr. Bernd Chudoba Dr. Bernd Chudoba | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor| WH 316B | (817) 272-1436

Dr. D. Stefan Dancila Dr. D. Stefan Dancila | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 414 | (817) 272-0833
Solid mechanics; composite and smart materials/structures; tailoring of elastic deformation, failure modes, and energy dissipation; inflatable space structures; space tethers; fatigue and fracture; nondestructive evaluation; piezoelectric actuation and flow control; rotorcraft; high altitude airships; composite prosthetics; renewable energy.

Dr. Brian Dennis Dr. Brian Dennis | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 316C | (817) 272-7379
Computation fluid dynamics; multidisciplinary design optimization; finite element methods applied to fluid & solid mechanics, heat transfer, and electromagnetics; inverse problems; parallel computing including the design, construction, and programming of Beowulf-type PC clusters; development of high performance computing software, unstructured mesh generation and deformation.

Dr. Atilla Dogan Dr. Atilla Dogan | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor| WH 315H | (817) 272-3744
Nonlinear Control, Stochastic Control, Monte Carlo Simulation, Robust Control, Flight Dynamics and Control, Nonlinear Flight Simulation, Aircraft Escape Maneuvers in Microburst with Turbulence, Automatic Transmission Modeling and Control.

Dr. Raul Fernandez Dr. Raul Fernandez | Faculty Profile
Professor in Practice| ELB 253 | (817) 966-5975
Product design, development and commercialization; manufacturing, process automation, robotics; dynamic systems

Dr. A. Haji-Sheikh Dr. A. Haji-Sheikh | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 300C | (817) 2722010
Heat transfer analysis in conduction, convection, and radiation, and fluid flow and heat transfer in ducts and heat exchangers.

Dr. Zhen Zue Han Dr. Zhen Xue Han | Faculty Profile
Senior Lecturer and AE Undergraduate Advisor | WH 204B | (817) 272-7376
Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer; air-breathing propulsion system; turbomachinary; multidisciplinary design optimization.

Dr. Ben Harris Dr. Ben Harris | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | ELB 205 | (817) 272-9337
Global Positioning System (GPS) and GPS receiver performance, spacecraft systems engineering, embedded system design, software development.

Dr. Haiying Huang Dr. Haiying Huang | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 315F | (817) 272-0563
Optical fiber sensor, structural health monitoring, solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, fatigue, computational mechanics, composite materials.

Dr. David Hullender Dr. David Hullender | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 304B | (817) 272-2014
Machine vibration and stress analysis, hydraulic pneumatic and mechanical systems design and analysis, compressible and incompressible fluid dynamics, modeling and computer simulation, and analysis of random and stochastic processes.

Dr. Ankur Jain Dr. Ankur Jain | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | ELB 203 | (817) 272-9338
Microscale Energy Conversion, Microscale Heat Transport, Bio-MEMS, Micro-Electromechanical Systems, Semiconductor Thermal Management, 3D Integrated Circuits. Lab website

Dr. Vistasp M. Karbhari Dr. Vistasp M. Karbhari | Faculty Profile
President, Professor | DH 321 | (817) 272-2101
Processing and mechanics of composites, deterioration science of polymers and composites, bio-materials, infrastructure renewal and multi-threat mitigation (including blast), sustainability, impact/damage mechanics and crash energy management, nondestructive assessment of materials and structures, damage prognosis, and structural health monitoring.

Dr. Daejong Kim Dr. Daejong Kim | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | WH 213 | (817) 272-7620
Turbo machinery aerodynamics, Modeling and system dynamics of solid oxide fuel cell and gas turbine hybrid systems, Advanced oil-free bearings for turbo machinery, Non-linear rotor dynamics.

Dr. Ratan Kumar Dr. Ratan Kumar | Faculty Profile
Professor of Practice | WH 306A | (817) 272-0740
Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer; FEA for structures; machine design; Web-based education.

Dr. Kent Lawrence Dr. Kent Lawrence | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 300D | (817) 272-2019
Stress and vibration analysis, structural analysis, structural dynamics, finite element methods, and computer aided engineering.

Dr. Frank Lu Dr. Frank Lu | Faculty Profile
Professor and Director of the Aerodynamics Research Center| NH 249 | (817) 272-2083
Fluid dynamics, shock and viscous phenomena, aerodynamic heating, jets and sprays, supersonic and hypersonic flows, propulsion, detonation, fuel reformation and power production, fail-safe construction, shape memory alloys, natural convection, flow visualization, and instrumentation and facility development.

Dr. Cheng Luo Dr. Cheng Luo | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 215 | (817) 272-7366
Design, modeling and fabrication of nanosystems and biomicrosystems, and solid mechanics.

Dr. Luca Maddalena Dr. Luca Maddalena | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | WH 315E | (817) 272-1123
Hypersonic air-breathing propulsion; Injection, mixing and combustion in high-speed flows; Vortex dynamics; Experimental fluid dynamics; Instrumentation; Advanced propulsion configurations.

Dr. Andrew Makeev Dr. Andrew Makeev | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 225
Composite and metallic materials, structural methods, prognostics and reliability.

Dr. Luca Massa Dr. Luca Massa | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | WH 315C | (817) 272-2006
Combustion, Detonation, Propellant, Hypersonic Flows, Flow Stability, Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Performance Parallel Computing.

Dr. Luca Massa Dr. Dennis Desheng Meng | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | ELB 252 | (817) 272-3413
Scalable micro and nano manufacturing for energy, sustainability and biomedical applications, microbial electrolysis cells (MECs), microfluidic encapsulation for self-healing materials, drug delivery and 3D-printable tissue engineering.

Dr. Nancy Michael Dr. Nancy Michael | Faculty Profile
Senior Lecturer, ME Undergraduate Advisor | WH 204C | (817) 272-1258
Electronic materials, integrated circuit interconnect technology, materials characterization, (SEM, XRD, AES, XPS).

Dr. Hyejin Moon Dr. Hyejin Moon | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 306B | (817) 272-2017
Micro/Nanosciences, BioMEMS/BioNEMS, Micro/Nanofluidics, Lab-on-a-Chip, Diagnostic Technology.

Dr. Seiichi Nomura Dr. Seiichi Nomura | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 304D | (817) 272-2012
Micromechanics, Analysis of Composite Materials, Functionally Graded Materials (FGM), Applied Mathematics.

Dr. Panos Shiakolas Dr. Panos Shiakolas | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor| WH 315D | (817) 272-5715
Robotics Automation, Application of Robotics for Industrial Processes, Agile and Reconfigurable Automation/Manufacturing Systems, Modeling-Simulation and Controls, Mechanical Systems and Machine Design, Kinematics and Dynamics, Computer Aided Design- Manufacturing-Robotics

Dr. Donghyun Shin Dr. Donghyun Shin | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | ELB 204 | (817) 272-9336
Nano/Mirco-scale Heat Transfer Phenomena, Advanced Nanomaterials for High Temperature Applications, Heat Transfer Fluid & Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Technologies.

Dr. Kamesh Subbarao Dr. Kamesh Subbarao | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 315G | (817) 272-7467
Nonlinear and Robust Adaptive Control, Dynamical Systems Theory, Estimation and System Identification, Flight Control Systems, Optimal Spacecraft Maneuvers, Multi-Resolution Mathematical Modeling and Simulation methodologies.

Dr. Albert Tong Dr. Albert Tong | Faculty Profile
Associate Professor | WH 206A | (817) 272-2297
Spray combustion, numerical modeling of heat transfer, and fluid flow.

Dr. B.P. Wang Dr. B.P. Wang | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 304C | (817) 272-3426
Finite element analysis, structural optimization, vibration, and structural dynamics.

Dr. Don Wilson Dr. Don Wilson | Faculty Profile
Professor | WH 206B | (817) 272-2072
Gas dynamics, aerospace propulsion systems, high-speed aerodynamics, hypersonic flow, and experimental fluid dynamics.

Dr. Ray Wimberly Dr. Ray Wimberly | Faculty Profile
Senior Lecturer | WH 211E | (817) 272-3240
Advanced Dynamics, Flight Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Transpiration Cooling, Hydro/Ocean/Buoy Dynamics.

Dr. Robert Woods Dr. Robert L. Woods | Faculty Profile
Professor and Faculty Advisor Formula SAE | WH 304A | (817) 996-0707
Dynamic systems, modeling and simulation, control systems, fluid power control, fluidics, microprocessor and digital controls, logic systems, automotive engineering.

Dr. Bo Yang Dr. Bo Yang | Faculty Profile
Assistant Professor | ELB 202 | (817) 272-9335
Nano/microscale mass transport, fluid-structure interaction, fracture mechanics, defect mechanics, composites, computational methods

MAE Adjunct Instructors

Eberhardt, Rowena - - WH 323J

Hays-Stang, Kathy - - WH 323J

Jiang, Hao - - WH 315A

Kashefi, Fred - - WH 302

Kebrle, John - (817) 272-0595 - - WH 323G

Luttrell, Jeff - - NH 123

Ma, Steven - (817) 272-0595 - - WH 323G

Mullins, Bob - (817) 272-2896 - - WH 302

Musielak, Dora - - WH 214C

Philobos, Mahera - - WH 214C

Qiao, Lei - - WH 302

Rodriguez, Adrian - - WH 410

Sevil, Hakki Erhan - - NH 123

Taylor, Robert - (817) 272-0594 - - WH 323H

MAE Research Staff

Ahmed, Mousumi - - ELB 213

Jiang, Hao - (817) 272-6303 - - NH 123

Lemmens, Ryan - - WH 222

Nikishkov, Yuri - - NH 121

Santhanagopalan, Sunand - (817) 272-2603 - - ELB 254

Shonkwiler, Brian - (817) 272-2603 - - WH 225A